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Hunting set 5 (titanium)

Hunting set 5 (titanium) фото 1486

Hunting set: one pot (can) - 4,5 lit., a camping teapot 3,5 lit. Total weight – 0,74 kg., material a titanium BT1-00.


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Code: Нт-012


A hunting set. It includes the following items: one pot (can) - 4,5 lit., a camping teapot 3,5 lit. Total weight – 0,74 kg., material which the set is made of is a titanium BT1-00. 

The pot is in set – having a cover, the cover is having no handles.   

The pot has solid handles which if desired can be a swap for a cable. Camping teapot is tightly closed with a lid, it is suitable for a fire and a burner application.

The set is certified. The seams are welded, the welding performed in an argon environment with no electrodes or fluxes applied.


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