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Bath oven (titanium)

Bath oven (titanium) фото 1515

Oven for bathing. Dimensions (folded): 650х550х250mm. The weight is 8,5 kg. Completely made of titanium a thickness 0,8 mm. It is packed in a bag.


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An oven for bathing. Dimensions (unfolded): height x length x width - 400х550х230mm. The height of a tube which is maintained in 6 pieces is 2,680 mm. The legs are 180 mm. The samovar-boiler capacity is 9 lit. 

Dimensions (folded) are 650х550х250mm. The weight is 8,5 kg. It is completely made of titanium a thickness 0,8 mm. It is packed in a bag, the 6 tube pieces are kept inside furnace. 

This oven is mainly designed for a hiking and bathing in the field. However it may also be effectively used for heating large tents, small houses and huts. When bathing, place stones between shields and use the water samovar-boiler valve for keeping a steam effect.

The touristic utensils are certified. The seams are welded, the welding performed in an argon environment with no electrodes or fluxes applied.


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