— We produce and sell stainless steel and titanium tourist utensils

We guarantee high quality of our products

We are constantly improving the quality of our products. In the engineering we use our own travelling experience and professional travellers’ advice.

To be stock-produced, every item goes through certain tests and trials. We thoroughly monitor what can be improved, if it is usable or not, the amount of place it takes in a backpack, what happens if a boiling pot is left disregarded. It turns out that a titanium pot will stay safe while a stainless steel pot may deform.

1 year

warranty on all our range of products 

5 year

warranty on soldier and officer mess kits

We use suitable materials and technology

Trusted materials

We buy the materials only from proved suppliers. For the production of the utensils we use stainless steel AISI 304 or 12Cr18N10Т and titanium ВТ1-00.

Argon welding

We use argon welding without electrodes and flux to avoid detrimental impurities isolation into food or water while heating.

Quality confirmed

All the products are certified.

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